Sixth Online Bingo Summit Draws to a Close

Sixth Online Bingo Summit Draws to a CloseA hugely successful Online Bingo Summit has drawn to an end, after several days of presentations from leading industry members. The hotly anticipated summit, which is certainly one of the highlights of the bingo calendar, saw delegates come together from a range of sectors. High-profile CEOs rubbed shoulders with sales managers, affiliates, and marketing directors, as the summit entered its sixth successful year.

Hundreds of visitors were able to take part in a range of discussions and seminars, including homepage design, customer retention, promotions, incentives and software security. The summit was also an outstanding networking opportunity as delegates were able to meet other industry members.

A memorable part of the summit was a series of glamorous awards which took place on the first night. A variety of titles and prizes were dished out, including Online Bingo Operator of the Year, Best Online Bingo Software, and Best Online Bingo Innovation.

The summit was praised by delegates, and it will undoubtedly go on to get bigger and better year after year. For players, such events are excellent news as they can only serve to push up standards in the industry.

With better prizes, software and promotions, there’s never been a better time to try online bingo. Join a site today, test your luck against the numbers, and discover why online bingo is one of the most popular past times in the UK.

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